Why students who “dress for success” do better than students who don’t

Did you know that most students go to school dressed casually and therefore are more inclined to have a normal day at school compared to students who wear a uniform or dress formally for school? 

Dressing for success has long been a requirement at many schools which has had a positive impact on students demeanor as well as grades. Some critics may say that it does not matter what they wear they will still do good in school no matter what they wear.

There are many students who can attest to the positive impact dressing for success at school has had on their overall school attendance and even has given them a positive outlook on life that they have taken with them when they leave the school classroom.

Many parents admit that when they see their child dressed in their school uniform it makes them feel more confident about their child’s overall participation in school. They encourage other parents to get their children to do the same.

Many students who have been interviewed have agreed that “it makes me feel more confident because I am dressed well and feel more professional, more mature and so it gives me a positive attitude which I need and helps with my other things in life”.

An example of dressing for success can be illustrated by a class trip where students go to meet business leaders in the workplace. Most students are dressed casually but one student decides to wear a jacket and tie. He “dressed for success”. The student who dressed for the trip has an advantage to other students because he already is prepared for the office work environment which mostly requires to be well dressed. His dress code will give him confidence and make him feel good. These feelings that students go through are very important to their overall performance.

If you go to school wearing baggys’ and have your underwear sticking out of the back of your pants do you really think you will stand out? You probably will but not for the reasons you think. In this world people are judged by they way they present themselves in the world. If you wear baggy’s and you show up at a concert you will most likely fit in. But if you show up as a lawyer representing a client in a courtroom wearing baggy’s you will most likely feel the wrath of the judge as well as your client.

You need to look professional if you want to be professional, it’s as simple as that. So the next time you head off to school and want that extra edge to help increase your performance in a test at school you might try wearing something different and leaving those ripped jeans at home.

Surprisingly, what you wear can decide the outcome of your day. If you want to face a regular day you will most likely be fine in casual clothes. But, if you are in need of performing well and are willing to try anything that can help you pass your test at school you may want to try something simple yet very powerful; you might want to change the way you dress and “dress for success” it might be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

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Good Luck!