Students do better at school with more sleep by covering their smartphone’s blue light

blue light

Sleep is something that everyone needs in order to be healthy and happy. Surprisingly many students give up sleep in order to get good grades, but research has shown students that sleep more get better grades. So if you think that staying up late to study is going to help your grades you might be making a big mistake!

As an alternative to staying up late to study for a test, what you should be doing is studying as much as you can throughout the day and getting a good night’s sleep. Although on average many students sleep about 7 hours on the weekdays  and 7.5 hours on the weekend, there are many who don’t even get 5 hours.

Our 21st century generation is very different, in more ways than one, from previous generations. One of the biggest differences which can be seen every day in public, on the streets, at work and at home are the distractions. These distractions are your electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers.

Not only is your device distracting you throughout your day it is also distracting you throughout the night. You may not realize that as you try to sleep the light that is emitted from your device can be the main reason why you are not falling asleep. Blue light Affects the levels of sleep inducing hormone called melatonin. During the day there are low levels of melatonin in your body. At night a few hours before sleep more melatonin is released. Studies have shown that blue light suppresses melatonin in such a way that in the evening your body may be going through a circadian delay which can you reset your biological clock and further disrupting your sleep.

So if you do go to bed with your smartphone in your hand, or on a night table next to you you may want to try to cover the blue light. Most people plug in their devices at night to recharge and this is when the blue light is usually shown. If you have studied all day and find yourself tired wanting to go to bed, you may never get to sleep if you keep your device next to you.

One of the easiest ways to block the blue light is by covering your device as it recharges. It is almost guaranteed that you will sleep longer and better when you are not exposed to the blue light. It is not easy to get away from all the flashing lights of our desktop computers, laptops, Smartphones and all other electrical devices but you can try simply by covering up the flashing lights.

As stated earlier students who do better and achieve more in school are the ones who sleep more. See simple tips to remember can help you achieve your goals and give you a good night’s rest!

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