MSNBC has lost it’s way into the biased category of news stations in America. Having had proved it’s bias during the 2016 elections by fully endorsing one candidate over another (Clinton). Although it still has a fan base of liberals much of it’s fans have disappeared.

Because of so much blatant bias in news reporting in America many people now turn to online sources other than top news stations for their news.

Most of it’s daytime news coverage is led primarily by Brian Williams, Stephanie Ruhle, Jose Diaz-Balart, Tamron Hall, Andrea Mitchell, Craig Melvin, Thomas Roberts, and Kate Snow. 

In April 2016, MSNBC launched a campaign of promotional ads with the theme, “in order to know beyond, you have to go beyond.” The campaign attempts to portray MSNBC’s reporting and perspectives as in depth and an alternative to “talking points” coverage on other cable news outlets.

In July 2016, the network debuted a new, abridged version of Dateline NBC, known as “Dateline Extra”, in yet another step to align MSNBC and NBC News. The new program is hosted by MSNBC Live anchor Tamron Hall.

In September 2016, MSNBC launched The 11th Hour with Brian Williams as a nightly wrap-up for the news of the day and a preview of the following day’s headlines. This is the first new primetime program on the network in nearly four years.