Graduation survival tips you can use

If you’re thinking about wearing your new shoes to your graduation, think again. Not only is it a bad idea, it’s a terrible idea! Just like you, your feet are more comfortable in a familiar environment. Just imagine, you are halfway through your graduation-day and you’ve got blisters on your feet from the new leather shoes that were rubbing against your toes and heels all day. It’s not a pretty sight.

Another mistake many students make the night before graduation is by staying up too long and not getting enough sleep. Let’s face it, on graduation day you will probably be up at the crack of dawn and you will probably stay awake until the next crack of dawn. Can you see your classmates asking you if you’re okay because you look so tired and drawn-out? How about those graduation photos you’ll look at years from now and say “wow my eyes look bloodshot in these pictures, I look terrible!”. If you want to look good and feel good on graduation day, you need to get some rest the night before, so get to bed early.

So now it’s graduation morning and you had your breakfast and you’re getting dressed. After you put on your robe you start fiddling with your hair and you just can’t seem to get it right. There is a perfect solution to having a good hair day on graduation day, it’s called a cap. Your cap and gown are not only the uniform you’re going to wear they are also going to help cover you up from head to toe. So you see there really isn’t any reason to fret over your hair, just comb it as you usually do and then put on your cap. Hair problem solved.

One minor detail about your gown is that you should try to keep it wrinkle free as possible. So don’t keep it draped over a chair or laying on the couch overnight but instead hang it up so it will be nice and straight in the morning.

If you didn’t already know it graduation is not only about you, it is also about your parents. You may have forgotten this but your parents have been waiting for this day in your life longer than you have. They had been planning for this day in your life long before you knew your ABCs. So whatever you do do not make a spectacle of yourself. Be free to have fun but remember to draw a line in the sand for your behavior, keeping yourself under control which will demonstrate how grown-up you really have become. Your parents will not only be happy for you but also be very proud of you.

One last thing to note having your phone blaring and beeping during the graduation ceremony is something you do not want. So, either turn off your phone or put it on vibrate at least until after the graduation ceremony. Oh yeah, congratulations!

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