Fox News



Fox News is one of the most popular News stations in America. It has steadily surpassed CNN and MSNBC as the most watched cable news station. 

FNC programs headquarters are in New York City at 1211 Avenue of the Americas, in its street-side studio on Sixth Avenue in the west wing of Rockefeller Center, It shares it’s offices with sister channel Fox Business Network. Fox News has seven popular studios in New York City that are used for its shows:

  • Studio B used for Fox Business programming
  • Studio D which has an area for studio audiences; and is used by The Five and Outnumbered
  • Studio E used for Fox & Friends, Happening Now, Your World with Neil Cavuto, Red Eye, and certain editions of America’s News HQ
  • Studio G which houses Fox Business shows
  • Studio H Fox News Deck used for Shepard Smith Reporting and breaking news coverage
  • Studio J used for Fox & Friends First, America’s Newsroom, The Real Story, The Kelly File, Hannity and Justice with Judge Jeanine  
  • the Web Studio used for Fox News Live internet shows.

Fox News has been accused by the Left leaning liberals about being biased towards conservatism. This in truth is somewhat of a lie for it’s news shows are not opinion and tell it like it is. As far as biased based news, CNN and MSNBC have won the prize for being openly biased by it’s anchors towards Donald Trump. they did everything they could and said anything they could to try and bring the downfall of Trump. As we know they failed and Trump is now president.

Bill Oreilly has one of the most popular shows on the Factor followed by Sean Hannity.