Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College – REVIEW & FACTS

 The Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College was founded in 1908 as the Second District A&M School. It has enrolled over  3,000 students. ABAC is known to provide a quality education to a diverse group of students who is essence feed the world by their education.

The College is located in Tifton, southern Georgia on 516 acres of countryside.  More than 1,300 students from all over the world choose to live on campus. ABAC provides students with endless opportunities to learn and grow as individuals. With an abundance of student organizations, a wide-ranging music program, and a variety of intercollegiate and intramural athletic teams, there are many ways for students to get involved and develop a deeper connection with their college.

From its beginning in 19006 ABAC has brought forth generations of students who have helped to feed the world. This type of education is a point of pride for students. Students at ABAC not only engage in the classroom, but also outside with more than 50 student organizations. They not only graduate with a practical knowledge of their field, but also with a sense of camaraderie with their peers and a pride in their school.

  • scholarships available at ABAC:

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College has always prided itself on the support it offers students, ranking its scholarship program as a top institutional priority. ABAC scholarships are awarded based on many criteria, including academic excellence, extra-curricular involvement and leadership. Other awards take into consideration factors such as financial need and geographic location.

Incoming and current students will be considered for all ABAC scholarships by completing the ABAC Scholarship Application. It is not necessary to apply for individual ABAC scholarships separately. Once all required documentation is submitted, the College will then make selections based on the awards criteria available. Incoming and current students may apply on an ongoing basis and will be considered as long as funds are available. more info at their official website:   Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

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