A look at the Penn State World Campus online degree program

penn state world campus online degree

In today’s online World getting your degree does not necessarily mean that you need to be sitting in a classroom in order to obtain this degree. It is no secret that technology has brought the classroom to your home and to any other place where you have an internet connection.

Penn State University has an online program called Penn State World Campus which offers more than 125 graduate degree undergraduate degrees certificate and minors. Some of the same faculty that works at Penn State are the teachers in these online programs.

As a student of the Penn State World campus you will interact with many people using chat, video conferencing such as Skype, email, social media and bulletin boards. Being connected to fellow students and faculty will help build your personal network that will guide you along the way.

The average length of the course is between 12 and 15 weeks. Most students who are enrolled in Penn State World campus spend approximately 8-12 hours per week on reading and assignments for an average 3 credit course. Although graduate-level courses will require more time each week to complete, you should also expect to spend more time when you have papers, projects or exam added to your workload.

As a student of the Penn State World Campus program your degree upon graduation is a Penn State degree. The tuition for your Penn State World Campus education is calculated at a cost per credit rate based system of which you choose the number of credits for which you register.

You’re also eligible for federal student aid to help you pay for your Penn State World Campus tuition. Penn State also offers a deferred payment plan which can help you pay your tuition bill in installments over three months time. There are many other options which can help with your tuition such as scholarships and loans. for more information please go to psu.edu

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